ESD Waste2Water will be exhibiting at the URG training conference from April 5-7, 2018. Stop by booth #25 to visit us! The URG training conference is at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Resort in Orlando, Florida.   To learn more about the conference, watch the video below!

Golf courses require a great many chemicals for proper turf care and course maintenance, and some of these chemicals could present a danger to the environment. Regulatory agencies are taking a much closer look at golf course pesticide storage and other golf course chemical unit storage, and it’s important that your golf course be in… Read more »

  ESD Waste2Water, Inc. is excited to be shipping another Environmental Center for the Golf Industry that includes: Heated / Prewired Foam Core Building with GSMS-700-0 Closed Loop Wash Water System pre-plumbed Inside Clipping Separator with Clipping Trailer Chemical Storage Building with Rinsate Management System Emergency Eyewash and Shower These items assist in making the… Read more »

Golf Equipment Washing

ESD Waste2Water, Inc would like to thank those in attendance of the 2018 Golf Industry Show held in San Antonio, Texas!   We enjoyed exhibiting our products and meeting golf course Superintendents, General Managers, and Owners from around the World.   If you have any further questions regarding the show or our golf course washing… Read more »

    ESD Waste2Water will be attending the 2019 Golf Industry Show on February 6-7 in San Diego, CA. Join us at Booth #: 5345 to discuss at Wash Water and Chemical Storage needs.  See the ESD Waste2Water, Inc. equipment at “Inside the Shop” Booth #: 5929. Stop by to ask our team about Best Management Practices for:… Read more »

ESD Waste2Water will be attending the 2017 Carolinas GCSA Conference & Show on November 13-15 at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center, Myrtle Beach, SC.  Come visit John and Alan at Booth 1917.  Ask them about our: Wash Water Recycle Systems for Golf Courses – Our wash water recovery solutions are used by golf courses around the world.  Golf courses… Read more »

Jump to: The Importance of Quality Industrial Cleaning | Necessary Resources | Benefits | Products Needed | Steps To Equipment Cleaning    Cleaning and degreasing equipment is important in construction processes. Well-maintained equipment operates efficiently and lasts longer, saving owners and operators time and money. Equipment cleaning involves more than rinsing machinery or wiping it… Read more »

Jump to: What is Bioremediation | How Bioremediation Works | Bioremediation Classes | Strategies of Bioremediation | Bioremediation Examples | Benefits of Bioremediation | Equipment for Bioremediation Microbial bioremediation is an eco-friendly natural cleaning process enhanced with specialized equipment. This wastewater management method removes contaminants from soil and groundwater that industrial processes produce. Using microorganisms… Read more »

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Various industries use wash water to clean heavy equipment and parts. While this practice is essential, it uses significant amounts of water and can send harmful contaminants into the environment. Companies can help conserve water and protect the water supply by recycling wash water. Closed-loop wash water stations effectively collect and treat wash water so… Read more »

Earth Day is April 22nd, 2016.  At ESD Waste2Water, Inc., our philosophy has always been to manufacture innovative, sustainable Environmental Wash Water and Remediation Equipment to protect Earth’s natural resources.  It begins with awareness and can then lead to action – It’s as simple as fixing a leaking faucet or planting a tree.  The following… Read more »

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ESD Waste2Water, Inc. builds Above Ground Portable Wash Pads for a myriad of industries. We can review your business process and procedures to maximize your throughput and then engineer an Above Ground Wash Pad System to meet your needs. Pictured is an ESD Waste2Water, Inc Custom Above Ground Wash Pad that includes: – 8’ Tall… Read more »