Benefits of ESD Waste2Water’s Closed Loop Wash Racks

Organizations that own or lease property are becoming increasingly aware of the fact that equipment wash water that is not contained will contaminate their property. If you manage an operation and own, or lease, the property you become responsible for the expensive cost of cleaning up any wash water contamination of the soil or groundwater. ESD has the solution to the problem with customized wash water recycle systems and water cannons that will optimize your vehicle and equipment wash operations:

  • Conserve Water
  • Comply with EPA Regulations
  • Protect Your Property from Contaminated Wash Water

At ESD, we share your equipment wash rack goals and we design, manufacture, install and service wash bay equipment that will help you meet your objectives. From powerful water cannons, to mud handling, to wash water recycle systems, we provide and service the equipment you need for an efficient and compliant wash rack for your equipment washing needs. Our closed loop wash rack solutions are customized to your specific needs.