Closed-Loop Wash Racks

Closed-Loop Wash Racks

ESD Waste2Water’s closed-loop wash racks are essential equipment washing and wastewater management solutions for various industries, including golf and turf, oil and gas, rental yards, heavy equipment, auto recyclers and the military.

Understanding Closed-Loop Wash Racks

A closed-loop vehicle wash rack is a self-contained system that provides an efficient and environmentally friendly way of washing nearly any equipment, vehicle or set of parts. These vehicle wash systems reclaim the water used in the washing process, making them compliant with EPA Clean Water Act Regulations. They can also be built in-ground using concrete, but many are above-ground and portable.

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Common Industry Applications:

How Does a Closed-Loop Wash Rack Work?

When washing industrial equipment and vehicles with closed-loop wash racks, the dirty water and sludge flow into the wash rack drain and enter the system, where the sludge is lifted and separated from the water. Then, the water is biologically treated to further break down and filter grease, oil, grime and other containments that build up on vehicles and equipment. After the treatment process, it loops back as clean, reusable water.

By treating and recycling water during the washing process, closed-loop wash racks allow for the efficient use and conservation of water. In addition, the systems can help prevent contamination of the surrounding environment. Our closed-loop wash racks offer a safe method of cleaning vehicles since they may not require harsh chemicals to be effective but can also treat them.

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Benefits of ESD Waste2Water’s Closed-Loop Wash Racks

ESD Waste2Water’s closed-loop wash racks clean machinery effectively while streamlining the disposal of waste and other contaminants. These wash bay systems offer the perfect solution to conserving water, protecting the surrounding environment from contamination and ensuring compliance with EPA regulations.

Wash Vehicles and Parts On Site

Our closed-loop vehicle wash systems are portable and can be installed at any convenient location, from job sites to parking lots. The wash bay equipment allows you to clean vehicles anywhere without worrying about contaminating the nearby area. Since the system recycles all the water as it cleans the car, the surrounding environment is never in jeopardy, and your vehicle washing operation can be discreet.

Getting permission to wash vehicles at any location has never been easier than with the closed-loop vehicle wash rack from ESD Waste2Water.

Customization Options

ESD Waste2Water’s closed-loop portable wash racks can also be customized to suit the size, load capacity and washing requirements of various applications.

We design and manufacture our closed-loop wash racks based on your specifications to optimize the equipment and vehicle washing process. Our customized solutions ensure you have wash bay equipment that will help you meet your objectives and budget.

Why Choose ESD Waste2Water for Your Closed-Loop Wash Rack Needs?

ESD Waste2water is dedicated to providing highly effective, compliant solutions across various industries. As a global leader in industrial waste management with decades of experience, we expertly design, manufacture and service our closed-loop wash rack systems to ensure outstanding and reliable performance.

We ship to clients across the United States and other countries, including Canada, Europe, South America, New Zealand and Australia.

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Applicable ESD Products for Closed-Loop Wash Racks

Gallons of Recycled Water
Gallons of Treated Water

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