Grass Clipping Separators

Grass Clipping Separators

Grass Clipping Separation System

The Clipping Separator System is designed to help create tidy wash areas by effectively handling grass clippings, sand and other small debris from normal turf care wash operations. The System is also designed for pretreatment for either:

  • Waste2Water wash water recycle systems, or
  • Discharging wash water to the sanitary sewer

Functions of our Grass Clipping Separator

Our Grass Clipping Separator System is a commercial system specifically designed for landscaping and turf operations where mowing is a critical element. Naturally, one of the most popular and effective uses of our glass clipping separator system is golf courses, where well-kept green spaces are vital and time to clear away the debris from lawn services is short.

You will find our Grass Clipping Separator to be not only a highly efficient machine, but also one that is environmentally-conscious and safe for your course. It allows you to reuse wash water by filtering out the grass clippings and other organic debris, prior to entering the Closed Loop Wash Water System.

The Clipping Separator can be used for 9, 18, 27 or 36-hole golf courses, and can handle up to 6 wash stations. Our glass clipping removal system is perfect for use on golf courses as well as sports fields. The system includes pre-engineered in-ground sumps, and above-ground components that make handling grass clippings simple, easy and effective.

With unlimited daily throughput and a flow range of 0-80 Gallons Per Minute, we think you will find this to be one of the most valuable and cost-effective weapons in your landscape care arsenal.

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  • Flow Range: 0-50 GPM
  • Daily Throughput: Unlimited
  • Clipping Separation: 432 sq. in. Wedge Wire
  • Power Requirement: 115 Volt 20 AMP
  • Components Included: Round Sump, Submersible Pump, Clipping Separator, Clipping Cart, Shallow Sump, Solids Separator
  • Approximate Weight: 250 lbs

Gallons of Recycled Water
Gallons of Treated Water

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