Single Disc Drying Unit for Metal Finishing

Single Disc Drying Unit for Metal Finishing

Those in the metalworking industry know that a significant amount of that work involves metal finishing. In fact, some companies focus solely on metal finishing. Either way, they still have to deal with the toxic waste from metal finishing processes.

Metal finishing applications typically use vibratory finishing. Vibratory finishing is a category of mass finishing where pellets of media, sometimes ceramic, aluminum or some other type of metal, are put into a vibratory tumbler with the workpiece to get finished. The tumbler is then set to vibrate, which rubs the media together with the workpiece to create the desired finishing effect.

While this process can work well, it also generates particulate waste, in the form of metal or ceramic shavings, you need to deal with.

As a leader in wastewater recycling and general finishing waste solutions, ESD Waste2Water, Inc. has the answer in our Rotating Disc Vacuum (RDV) Sludge Drying Unit. This unit allows users to easily dispose of waste in a complete and contained way, so they do not have to worry about contaminating the workspace or the greater environment.

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How Does Our Product Work?

During the metal finishing process tiny pieces of waste from the media that’s used are generated. These can be metals such as aluminum or ceramic. If the operation is larger where the site is connected to a sanitary sewer, the Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW) will require that any suspended solids are removed.  This would mean removing any metal particles from the waste stream prior to discharging it to the sewer.

This is where our ESD Waste2Water RDV Sludge Drying Unit comes in. The action of the rotating disc vacuum separates the particulates from the rest of the waste stream and dries it into a cake. This process is effective for all the sludge in your wastewater. The water can then flow into the sewer while you safely dispose of the cake according to environmental guidelines.

There are numerous benefits to the ESD Waste2Water RDV Sludge Drying Unit. It can be used in conjunction with a closed-loop system, so no contaminated water escapes into the environment. The RDV can be kept in continuous operation with minimal monitoring. The cake is easy to handle and dispose of. This is one of the most cost-effective and environmentally responsible ways to treat contaminated wastewater from metal finishing operations.

Make Your Metalworking Waste Removal Easy

If metal finishing equipment is a part of your business and you have been struggling to deal with particle-contaminated sludge from metal finishings, ESD Waste2Water and our RDV Sludge Drying System is exactly what you need. If you have other wastewater removal needs, we have the equipment to help with that, too.

Let us make your sludge and wastewater removal concerns a thing of the past. Just give us a call at 1-800-277-3279 or contact us online today.

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