High-Pressure Industrial Water Cannons

High-Pressure Industrial Water Cannons

Powerful Water Cannons

ESD Waste2Water, Inc. offers high-pressure water cannons that flush heavy mud and debris off of off-road equipment, vehicles, mowers, and aircrafts. The water cannons are designed to work with our water recycling systems to recycle the water from a mud pit for reuse in zero-discharge applications.
Water cannons are often used in conjunction with pressure washers that use recycled water from Waste2Water Biological Treatment Systems for complete closed-loop wash areas.  Our water cannons are high-quality and designed to clean even the heaviest of mud and muck off of equipment and vehicles. They will not only save you time when washing heavy equipment, but they will save you money when paired with our wash water recycling product line.

Water cannons can be retrofitted to existing wash areas, or designed into new wash areas. Call ESD for customized solutions.

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What Is a Water Cannon?

A water cannon is a device designed to shoot a high-powered stream of water. When people think of water cannons, they traditionally think of firefighters using high-pressure water streams to put out fires, or police using high-pressure water blasts to pacify rioting crowds without doing long-term physical damage. However, the water cannon is also a very powerful cleaning tool, which is why ESD Waste2Water is proud to offer them.

A water cannon pressure washer shifts the use of the water cannon from those other uses and toward the job of equipment washing. Most pressure washers put out an extremely powerful stream that tapers with distance. Our water cannons are a popular choice for washing vehicles and equipment that have large amounts of dirt and mud.

High pressure water cannons are a great choice for large items that have so much surface area and mud it can take hours to clean them conventionally. Our water cannons blast off all the tough dirt, grime, and mud that attaches itself to vehicles and other heavy equipment, covering a large area in a very small amount of time.

Typical Applications for Water Cannon Pressure Washers:

  • Heavy Equipment Dealers
  • Equipment Rental Yards
  • Mining Operations
  • Construction Contractors
  • Solid Waste Handlers
  • Military
  • Municipalities


  • Utility Requirements 240 volt, 1 ph, 50 amps
  • Water Output 80 gpm @ 50 psi
Gallons of Recycled Water
Gallons of Treated Water

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