Above-Ground Solids Separators

Above-Ground Solids Separators

Above Ground Solid Separating System

ESD Waste Water, Inc. designs and manufactures a full line of Above-Ground Solids Separators for a variety of waste water pretreatment applications. The Solids Separators are constructed of marine grade aluminum for effective chemical resistance, strength and durability. The Solids Separators will typically contain welded NPT fittings for inlet and outlet connections to ensure ease of installation, and for maximum leak protection. Each of the units contains baffled sections that change the direction of the water several times as it flows through the unit in order to enhance settling of solids. With the addition of coalescing media, the Solids Separators can be modified to remove free-floating oils and greases, in addition to solids. Solids can be easily removed from the separators through multiple 2″ drain ports located at the base of the V-shaped bottom.
The versatility of the Solids Separators is demonstrated by some the more common options such as:

  • Add a transfer pump to the unit to pump treated water to a specified location
  • Add a high volume pump to the unit to convert it to a reservoir for a Water Cannon used in heavy equipment washing
  • Add a debris screen or filter to the front of the unit for added pretreatment

If we don’t have a Solids Separator and options that is right for your application, we will help design and build a pretreatment system that is. Just give us a call, fax or email.

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