Air Strippers

Air Strippers

ESD TurboTray Low-Profile Air Strippers

ESD Waste2Water,Inc. manufactures a complete line of high performance, low maintenance, removable tray Low Profile Air Strippers with removal efficiencies up to 99.9%. The side access panel allows the trays to be easily removed by one individual without any additional equipment or assistance, saving time and money

What Features Do Our Air Strippers Offer?

We pride ourselves on offering some of the most effective and reliable air strippers in the industry. We design them with features that allow them to handle tough decontamination jobs with ease and give you a high level of control over your decontamination operations. We also offer a variety of options to upgrade your air stripper for easier use or to deal with more challenging conditions. Features and options available to you include:


  • 5052 H32 marine grade aluminum construction
  • High-efficiency blower and TEFC motor
  • High-level switch
  • Magnehelic pressure gauge
  • Blower low-pressure switch
  • Level sight glass
  • Mist eliminator
  • Vacuum break
  • NEMA IV control panel with high level and low-pressure alarms


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Explosion proof blower motor
  • Level controls and pump out

  • Filter vessels
  • Liquid Phase or Vapor Phase Carbon Vessels
  • Custom control panel
  • Skid mounted, open trailer, enclosed trailer, custom enclosure or custom building

Mobile Air Strippers

ESD has the manufacturing capabilities to put our air strippers on enclosed or open trailers so they can be easily transported to the job site.

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What Is Air Stripping?

What is air stripping and how can a quality air stripper help your business? Air stripping is one of the most effective ways of making your surface or groundwater safe for reuse, protecting the environment around your facility as well as the personnel who work in and around your plant, golf course, construction site or anywhere else where the potential for contaminated groundwater is high. Air stripping is a popular choice for groundwater and surface water contamination cleanup because it cleans using a simple and safe chemical reaction to remove contaminated elements from the water.

More specifically, air stripping strips the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from your contaminated groundwater or surface water by moving air through the contaminated liquid in order to accelerate evaporation, turning the VOCs from liquid form into gas, at which point they escape the water as vapor and can be collected for venting or disposal.

When you hear professionals refer to the “pump and treat” method of groundwater contamination cleanup, they are referring to air stripping.

How Does Air Stripping for Contamination Cleanup Work?

Our low-profile air strippers are high-grade aluminum tanks with high-efficiency blowers that collect your contaminated groundwater or surface water and forces air through it. You simply pump the water into the top of the tank, where it flows across aeration trays that maximize the exposure of the contaminated water to air. This exposure causes the VOCs within your contaminated water to evaporate quickly. As the VOC vapors rise to the top of the tank, the mechanism collects the dangerous gasses for safe disposal.

Meanwhile, the treated water flows to the bottom of the tank, where you can collect it for reuse or further treatment for reintroduction to the system, surface waters or local municipal wastewater treatment plant.

One concern you may have, especially if your company works on a tight schedule, is how long this decontamination process will take. The amount of time it will take to clean all of your contaminated groundwater or surface water will naturally depend on how much contamination you have. However, these air strippers are designed to handle massive cleanup jobs, so if you are using your air stripper for something like cleaning water after using it during chemical cleanup of heavy machinery or golf course equipment, you may find you have your water back, safe and ready for use, very quickly — in some cases in a matter of only minutes.

You will be hard-pressed to find a groundwater and surface water decontamination method that is as effective and works more quickly than air stripping.

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