Wash Rack Oil Separators

At ESD Waste2Water Inc., we’re dedicated to creating innovative solutions that help industries manage and treat their wastewater while protecting the environment. Our closed-loop wash rack and oil/water separators are designed to help oil and gas operators more effectively treat their wastewater. These systems can recycle the water so that companies can comply with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations and save on resources.

Closed-Loop Wash Racks With Oil Separators

Our closed-loop wash rack is a completely contained system that allows you to clean any equipment, vehicles or parts and then reclaim and treat the wastewater to recycle it for future cleanings. These racks can be built in the ground or in portable, above-ground systems that you can transport as needed to your worksites.

As you wash your equipment, the dirty water drains directly into the system, which treats it with biological remediation to break down the grease, oil and other hydrocarbons that collects during your work. The addition of our wash rack oil separators helps to more effectively remove oils specifically, which is important for companies in the oil and gas industry dealing regularly with oil-contaminated water.

Complying With EPA Regulations for Wastewater

Oil and gas production has increased in the 21st century and the industry has been under ever-increasing scrutiny from regulatory agencies and environmental groups like the EPA. These organizations require industry operators to maintain pristine, pollution-free operations in accordance with the regulations and laws currently in place, including the Clean Water Act’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System.

Complying with these regulations is not only good for business but crucial for protecting the environment. If you manage oil and gas industries, you may become responsible for the expense involved in cleaning up any contamination in the soil and groundwater if waste is not properly contained or treated.

A closed-loop wash rack system and oil/water separators enables your worksite to easily comply with these regulations. The system will efficiently contain, treat and recycle your wastewater, reducing your impact on the environment. Since most oil and gas drilling and production is conducted in remote areas, this efficient containment and recycling system will also help ensure you have access to the water you need.

Best Management Practices

Best Management Practices (BMP) are methods and techniques used to control water pollution and regulate wastewater handling. These practices help companies to more effectively prevent or reduce improper wastewater disposal that could lead to runoff, spillage, leaks and hazardous water pollution. Due to the nature of the process, the oil and gas industry generates pollutants that need to be handled properly.

Appropriate preventive measures and thorough employee training are key to maintaining best practices on your worksites. With a closed-loop wastewater system from ESD Waste2Water, Inc., you can minimize your environmental impact by filtering out pollutants from your water and containing them within the system, allowing you to maintain a clean oil drilling process.

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Streamline your process, save water and comply with EPA and Clean Water Act regulations by investing in a closed-loop wash rack system or oil/water separators from ESD Waste2Water, Inc today. Browse our product pages to find the best fit for your industry or worksite, or contact our team to learn more about our systems and how they can help you maintain a cleaner, more efficient process.