Order Vane Replacement Kit from ESD Waste2Water, Inc – Part #’s: 3042 (Replacement Vanes), 3043 (Inlet Air Filter) & 3044 (Discharge Air Filter)

How to Replace a Air Compressor:

  • SAFETY FIRST: If Compressor is installed in ESD Waste2Water, Inc System – confirm Blower Switch is in the “Off” position and confirm electrical breaker in electrical panel is off
  • Remove Foam Cover from Pressure Regulator Valve
  • Remove Compressor Cover – use 5 mm Allen Wrench
  • Remove Filter Housing
  • Remove and dispose of Inlet and Outlet Air Filters
  • Remove Compressor Head Cover
  • Remove (7) used vanes – rotate compressor head to confirm movement & to access vanes for removal
  • Note: Wear from used vane vs. New Vane
  • Clean the compressor head with a dry cloth
  • Re-install new vanes into slots
  • Note: New Vanes should be installed so the angle of the vane touching the compressor head should match the angle
  • Rotate the compressor head after vanes are installed to confirm the vanes drop to meet the compressor head
  • Note: New Vanes should match the diameter of the compressor head – if gaps are present the vane may need to be turned
  • Re-install Compressor Head cover
  • Install New Air Filters in filter housing cover
  • Hint: Discharge Air Filter (Metallic Covered Filter) on top, Inlet Air Filter (White Filter) on bottom
  • Re-install filter housing cover
  • Re-install outer compressor cover
  • Re-install foam pressure regulator cover
  • If Compressor is installed in ESD Waste2Water, Inc System – turn Blower Switch to the “On” position and turn the electrical breaker back on as well so the system can return to normal operation.

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