Heavy Equipment Wash Bays

Maintaining a clean fleet of heavy equipment is crucial for any construction operation. Frequent and thorough cleaning is vital for extending your heavy equipment’s life span. Removing dirt, grease and debris prevents corrosion and premature wear, minimizing maintenance costs and maximizing equipment life.

ESD Waste2Water, Inc. is committed to developing ecologically sound wastewater treatment technologies. We create closed-loop wastewater treatment technologies that recycle and make water suitable for reuse, reducing waste and saving businesses money. Our closed-loop equipment cleaning system enables contractors to wash their equipment using treated wastewater while adhering to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines.

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Closed-Loop Heavy Equipment Wash Racks

Our self-contained closed-loop wash rack for construction equipment collects and purifies wastewater for reuse. These portable heavy vehicle washing systems can be built underground or above-ground. The closed-loop washing station has a built-in wash rack sump that collects used water.

The water is then filtered and treated biologically before returning as clean water. This operation eliminates any oil and grime from the equipment. Closed-loop cleaning solutions save companies on water while protecting their properties from pollution. They also contribute to environmental preservation by safeguarding nearby lands and streams.

Compliance and Environmental Responsibility in Heavy Equipment Washing

Washing heavy construction equipment keeps the machinery running efficiently. Your washing solutions must follow EPA Clean Water Act regulations to be eco-friendly. A closed-loop heavy equipment wash station ensures compliance by retaining all water in the system and filtering out hazardous waste. This cleaning solution reclaims and filters all spent water, making it safe for reuse and removing the risk of runoff or spillage.

Effective runoff management is critical to prevent environmental contamination. ESD Waste2Water’s wash stations incorporate drainage systems and mud separation technology to capture and treat wash water before it enters storm drains or waterways. This ensures compliance with environmental laws and protects the health of our ecosystems.

Best Practices for Adhering to Regulations

Best management practices (BMPs) are strategies that help prevent heavy equipment wash water from compromising stormwater or drainage systems. These procedures enable companies to dispose of wastewater correctly, preventing leaks, spills and water contamination. Following these best practices allows you to comply with the Clean Water Program, preparing your establishment for inspections.

All staff must get thorough BMP training to understand the necessary procedures and the dangers of failing to follow them. ESD Waste2Water, Inc.’s closed-loop construction equipment cleaning system reduces your environmental impact by treating and filtering contaminants from the cleaning process and containing them.

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ESD Waste2Water is a leader in industrial wastewater treatment and environmental remediation equipment. We use cutting-edge technology to design, manufacture and install environmental protection systems. We serve businesses throughout the U.S., Canada, South America, Europe and Australia.

We manufacture heavy equipment wash racks that help your business save money, comply with EPA and Clean Water Act regulations and streamline washing procedures. Contact our team to learn more about our closed-loop construction wash stations and how they can help your company become more efficient and environmentally responsible.

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