Heavy Equipment Wash Station

ESD Waste2water, Inc. is dedicated to engineering environmentally responsible wastewater treatment solutions. We specialize in designing closed-loop wastewater treatment processes that reduce waste and save businesses money by recycling water and making it safe for reuse.

Our closed-loop construction equipment cleaning solution allows construction companies to reuse treated wastewater to clean their equipment and comply with Environmental Protection Association (EPA) regulations.

Closed-Loop Construction Equipment Cleaning

A closed-loop construction wash station is completely contained, reclaiming used water and treating it so it can be reused. These washing stations can be installed in-ground, or they can be above-ground and portable.

In a closed-loop cleaning station, used water is collected in the wash rack sump embed. The water is then sent through a biological treatment and filtration system before it loops back as clean water. This process removes any grease, oil or dirt that comes off the equipment. Closed-loop cleaning systems save businesses water and protects the property from potential contamination. They also help preserve the environment by protecting surrounding land and waterways.

EPA-Compliant Washing Solutions for Construction Equipment

Washing construction equipment is an essential aspect of the job, as it helps to keep the machinery functioning at peak condition for optimal efficiency. Ensuring your washing solutions meet EPA Clean Water Act Regulations is vital to keeping your methods compliant and environmentally sound.

With a closed-loop heavy equipment wash station, you ensure compliance by keeping all water within the system and filtering out potentially harmful waste. This cleaning solution reclaims all used water and filters it, making it safe for reuse and eliminating the potential harm that comes from allowing runoff or spillage.

Best Management Practices

Best management practices (BMP) are specific techniques that help prevent any pollution from large equipment from contaminating stormwater or drainage systems. These practices ensure businesses use correct methods to dispose of wastewater and avoid leaks, spills and water pollution. Following these best practices helps you remain in compliance with the Clean Water Program and prepare your business for inspections.

Thorough training for all employees in BMPs is vital for understanding the proper procedures and the risks associated with not following them. A closed-loop construction equipment cleaning system from ESD Waste2Water, Inc. allows you to minimize your impact on the environment by treating and filtering out pollutants from your cleaning process and containing them.

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ESD Waste2Water is an industry leader in industrial wastewater treatment and environmental remediation equipment. We use cutting-edge technology to design, manufacture and install environmental protection systems for businesses throughout the U.S., Canada, South America, Europe and Australia.

Our closed-loop construction equipment cleaning solutions can help your business save money, comply with EPA and Clean Water Act regulations and streamline your washing procedures. Our heavy equipment wash station is also environmentally responsible and can allow your business to become more sustainable.

Reach out to our team to learn more about our closed-loop construction wash stations and how they can help your company become more efficient and environmentally responsible.