Soil & Groundwater Remediation Systems

Soil & Groundwater Remediation Systems

Environmental Remediation Systems

In these times of heightened environmental focus, soil and groundwater pollution have become increasingly central concerns in numerous industries, from oil and gas to construction to agriculture. Many companies in these industries and others rely on environmental remediation systems to reduce their ecological impact.

Soil and groundwater remediation systems from ESD Waste2Water offer ideal solutions. We design, manufacture, rent and service an extensive catalog of environmental remediation solutions to help businesses meet their soil and water quality goals for their sites.

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Soil and Groundwater Remediation Equipment

At ESD Waste2Water, we apply our state-of-the-art technology to creating easy-to-use turnkey groundwater and soil remediation solutions. Our extensive product line of environmental remediation units includes the following:

  • Air sparging and biosparging systems: Our air sparging and biosparging systems inject pressurized air into soil and groundwater contaminated with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to dissolve the hydrocarbons they contain.
  • Bioremediation technology: Our use of the latest bioremediation technology allows us to use beneficial microbes to digest and decompose harmful chemicals and pathogens.
  • Dewatering aeration systems: Our dewatering aeration systems enable companies to remove hydrocarbons while draining or otherwise removing the water from a remediation site.
  • Dual-phase extraction systems: Dual-phase extraction systems work by using high-vacuum blowers or pumps to remove contaminated groundwater and soil vapor simultaneously.
  • Heavy metal treatment processes: Heavy metal treatment processes remove heavy metals like arsenic, cadmium, cobalt and mercury from the soil and water and are often useful for mining sites.
  • Liquid- and vapor-phase carbon adsorption systems:Liquid- and vapor-phase carbon adsorption systems use carbon filtration to remove contaminants. Liquid-phase vessels filter VOCs out of effluent, and vapor-phase vessels limit the discharge of VOCs into the ambient air.
  • Low-profile air strippers: Our low-profile air strippers contain easy-access removable side trays and remove up to 99.9% of certain air contaminants.
  • Oil/water separation systems: Our oil and water separation systems are useful in the oil and gas industries for the effective removal of spilled petroleum from groundwater.
  • Soil vapor extraction systems: Soil vapor extraction systems use blower or vacuum pumps to remove volatile and semivolatile contaminants from the soil.
  • Sparge and vent systems: Our sparge and vent systems use air sparging in conjunction with a soil venting system that allows for the removal of contaminants from both saturated and unsaturated levels of the soil.
  • Thermal/catalytic oxidizers: Our hybrid thermal/catalytic oxidizers effectively remove VOCs from contaminated areas with different treatment temperatures.

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Fully-Integrated Environmental Remediation Systems

When industrial companies need a comprehensive, turnkey solution to the environmental challenges of their work, a fully-integrated environmental remediation system is often the answer.

AT ESD Waste2Water, our fully-integrated environmental remediation systems come with many connective features already in place. They are fully pre-piped and pre-wired, and they have already undergone rigorous factory testing. Very little installation work remains to be done — because of their connective features, they are ready to fit right into an existing operation. A company can hook a fully-integrated environmental remediation system into its plumbing and electrical system and begin immediate environmental remediation for its soil and wastewater.

Our fully-integrated environmental remediation systems offer a variety of mounting and design options. We can mount these systems on our aluminum-grade skids, open or closed trailers or custom enclosures for additional flexibility.

ESD Waste2Water’s fully-integrated environmental remediation systems also offer extensive opportunities for complete customization. Our in-house design teams, fabricators, construction team and technical support team will collaborate on a tailored solution that’s ready to integrate into a business’s existing infrastructure.

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Why You Need a Remediation System

Why do businesses need environmental remediation systems? Soil and groundwater remediation systems offer an array of advantages, especially for companies in industries like mining, construction, oil and gas, waste disposal and agriculture, where environmental impacts can be substantial.

Remediation systems can provide benefits like these:

Minimizing Environmental Impact

Environmental remediation systems reduce a job site’s environmental impact tremendously. Using soil and groundwater remediation systems, a company that works with a heavy load of chemical pollutants or other environmental contaminants can reduce the ecological harms those contaminants do.

By minimizing soil contamination, companies will allow local ecosystems to flourish, preserve biodiversity and keep the land near homes, schools and businesses clean. By minimizing groundwater contamination, they’ll keep the water habitable for wildlife and safe for residents to enjoy for drinking, bathing and recreation.

Protecting Public Health

The adverse environmental effects of industrial pollution often bleed into adverse public health effects. Pollution in soil and groundwater can cause an array of illnesses, from lead poisoning and gastrointestinal illness to neurological impairment and organ damage to cancer and methemoglobinemia — blue baby syndrome, a condition often caused by algal overgrowth related to nutrient pollution. Being proactive about environmental remediation helps companies ensure that their processes won’t make people sick.

Maintaining Compliance

Industries that require environmental remediation solutions must typically answer to regulatory agencies, which impose requirements to preserve the environment and protect public health. Soil and groundwater remediation services can enable companies to remain in compliance and maintain sterling regulatory relationships.

Environmental remediation companies are also often in excellent positions to assist businesses in navigating the ins and outs of regulatory compliance. Remediation specialists often maintain extensive familiarity with local, state and federal requirements and can help companies tailor their environmental solutions to the correct standards.

Boosting Public Image

The optics of wastewater remediation affect a company’s brand credibility and public relations. On the one hand, imagine a refinery that spewed gallons of oil into local waters, contaminating swimming and fishing areas, killing wildlife and making the drinking water supply unsafe. These actions would steeply erode public trust — potentially even leading to boycotts, protests and legal action.

Now imagine the same refinery taking active steps to curb its pollution, treat its effluent and clean up its spills and leakages. In the public eye, that company would become, at least partially, safe, trustworthy, even conscientious. Consumers likely would be more willing to purchase its products, and other environmentally and image-conscious businesses would be more inclined to engage in business partnerships.

Saving Time

Environmental remediation helps companies save time and become more efficient. In the absence of groundwater and soil remediation systems, companies that needed to clean up industrial contamination would have to cobble together a collection of tools and protocols that might address their needs — some traditional but also costly and
, such as pumping and treating. But with the benefit of the advanced technological solutions a well-designed, professional environmental remediation system provides, businesses can address discharge more efficiently and free more time and attention to focus on their core processes.

Gaining Technical Support

A business that invests in a soil and groundwater remediation system from ESD Waste2Water gains the advantage of relying on our friendly, expert professionals for support and advice. We’re in the business of manufacturing remediation equipment — and we’re also in the business of solving problems and collaborating on innovative methods of meeting new challenges. If a facility manager or operator has questions about a remediation system’s operation, we will be here for help and guidance.

Lowering Costs

Environmental remediation services help businesses lower costs as well. Consider the environmental remediation programs run through the U.S. Office of Environmental Management (EM). This office, overseen by the Department of Energy (DOE), manages one of the world’s largest environmental remediation efforts. In total, its managed sites contain about 1.7 trillion gallons of contaminated groundwater — an amount that would satisfy daily U.S. water needs four times over — and 1.4 billion cubic feet of contaminated soil.

Using sophisticated environmental remediation systems and techniques, the EM helps save money at cleanup sites by remediating them more efficiently. Over the past decade and a half, teams from the EM’s Technical Assistance Program have worked with 11 different cleanup sites and helped them save a cumulative $100 million. They do so by focusing on areas like these:

  • Identifying key technical risks that could hinder project success
  • Identifying technical uncertainties that make the outcome of a project unpredictable
  • Collaborating with sites and regulatory agencies to implement strategies that reduce adverse effects on the environment while trimming budgets and adhering to cleanup schedules
  • Combining multiple sophisticated technologies into phased solutions
  • Recommending ways to optimize the implementation and performance of environmental remediation best practices

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How ESD Waste2Water Systems Can Save Your Business Money

ESD Waste2Water systems are particularly well suited to saving businesses money. Our advanced technology, efficiency, high performance, customization options and adherence to environmental remediation best practices. provide an exceptional return on investment.

  • Advanced technology: The range of sophisticated technical solutions ESD Waste2Water provides enables companies to select and tailor the solution that best meets their needs. Our product catalog contains up-to-date, efficient equipment that can address specific environmental challenges, whether with air sparging, oil and water separation systems, heavy metal treatment, bioremediation or a host of other options.
  • Efficiency and high performance: Our environmental remediation techniques also help save money by providing efficiency and high performance. They work effectively without wasting resources and get the job done right the first time, so companies won’t have to expand their budgets to reclean a site that received insufficient treatment the first time around. The longevity of our equipment also helps save money — it is durable and long-lasting, and we can pass our repair and maintenance savings along to our customers.
  • Customization options: We understand that when it comes to environmental remediation, one size — or even a variety of sizes — doesn’t necessarily fit all. A unique cleanup situation will require unique solutions, and we have the skills, tools and industry expertise to craft custom remediation solutions for even the most challenging remediation needs. The result is that businesses won’t waste money on solutions that aren’t quite the right fit — they can conserve funds by funneling their resources into targeted methods that will provide the best results per dollar.
  • On-site treatment: One of the reasons environmental remediation can be so costly is that removing and transporting waste, along with backfilling the site in question, incurs significant expenses. On-site treatment with our specialized equipment eliminates many of these expenses and keeps remediation operations contained, manageable and cost-effective.

Industries That Benefit From Soil and Water Remediation Services

Below are several industries that can reap particular benefits from environmental remediation systems:


In agricultural operations, herbicides and pesticides leave chemical residues in the soil and groundwater, and runoff from fertilizer and manure contaminates the environment with excess nutrients like nitrates and phosphates. Environmental remediation solutions help contain, treat and dispose of these contaminants and keep farms and ranches from polluting the soil and groundwater.


Construction sites often seem to use a laboratory’s worth of chemical products, such as paints, solvents, adhesives, varnishes and wood treatment. All these chemicals can leach into the soil or run off in storms and contaminate nearby groundwater. Environmental remediation solutions help reduce the mobility of hazardous chemical substances, keeping them confined to an area where easy treatment and disposal are possible and preventing unwanted runoff.


In the mining industry, the effluent from mines and refining processes generally contains heavy metals. In coal mining particularly, and also in metal mining,
acid mine drainage poses a problem. Highly acidic water forms in response to chemical reactions between surface and groundwater and sulfur-containing rocks. The result is sulfuric acid. Water containing high concentrations of sulfuric acid then pours out of the mines as effluent, and the outflow of acidic, metal-rich water from the mines can cause extensive damage throughout the surrounding environment.

Abandoned mine lands (AMLs) are often the targets of environmental remediation efforts. With abandoned mines, environmental remediation usually involves a collaborative effort focused on multiple phases — research, waste characterization, cleanup and redevelopment.

Oil and Gas

Well-publicized oil spills have made the oil and gas industry notorious for environmental harms, but soil and groundwater remediation solutions can help change that perception.

When companies extract petroleum, ground saturation often inevitably occurs, as does wind- and weather-related dispersal of crude oil components. The extraction process also sometimes spills natural saline water into the ground. These spills cause unwanted soil salination, resulting in soil texture destruction, deep erosion, vegetation stress and death, and salination of surface and groundwater. Environmental remediation systems help treat petroleum and salination and return the soil and groundwater to their natural state.

Waste Disposal

Waste disposal covers everything from municipal solid waste (MSW) — common household garbage — to toxic, hazardous wastes like medical wastes and chemicals. The disposal of this waste, especially hazardous waste, can potentially leach harmful substances into the environment. Hazardous waste generally goes into concrete-lined landfills, but even these landfills may leak, or an accident might occur during storage or transportation.

In the aftermath of a waste disposal discharge, environmental remediation services are critical. Soil and groundwater remediation systems can treat and remove spilled contaminants to keep the environment clean and nearby residents safe and healthy.

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To see the benefits of an environmental remediation system in your operations, make ESD Waste2Water your trusted supplier. We offer an extensive range of remediation solutions to meet every industrial need, and our team of friendly, knowledgeable industry experts is happy to consult about the benefits of different systems. We also pride ourselves on developing tailored soil and groundwater remediation solutions based on particular specifications — these custom remediation systems enable businesses to meet even the trickiest remediation challenges.

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