Steps for Microbe Inoculation:

  • Why inoculate a Biological System Weekly: The process of introducing a fresh batch of microbes on a weekly basis is to keep the microbial colony active inside of the Biological System.  This also allows an Operator to check the system to confirm:
    • A) The aeration is working
    • B) The System has a proper operating level
    • C) There is not an odor (pH level is correct)
  • To inoculate the Biological Wash Water System:
    • Open the furthest aeration chamber lid of the Biological System (confirm aeration is present)
    • Retrieve an ESD Waste2Water, Inc 101 or 201 Microbe bottle from a refrigerated source – Open the bottle and pour the contents into the Biological System
    • Close the biological tank lid
  • If additional assistance is needed contact ESD Waste2Water, Inc Service at 1-800-277-3279