Rental Equipment Cleanup

Keeping machinery clean and functioning is vital for any business in the rental equipment industry. A custom wash rash from ESD Waste2Water, Inc. effectively and efficiently cleans equipment and reclaims wastewater for future use, saving water and protecting the environment.

If you need an equipment cleaning and wastewater management solution, an ESD Waste2Water, Inc. wash rack could be the perfect addition to your rental yard.

Rental Yard Wash Racks

Heavy equipment rentals are an ever-growing industry. Operators rent out equipment to contractors and other renters who need the equipment for short-term specific jobs. When they return that equipment, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned and maintained before it can be rented out again. Rental equipment cleanup generates wastewater, but it is essential for prolonging the life of your assets and ensuring your ongoing success.

As an equipment rental business grows, it needs to do even more washing, producing a greater quantity of wastewater. A closed-loop wash rack from ESD Waste2Water, Inc. protects your investments and the environment. These systems capture and contain the wastewater generated when cleaning your equipment, treats the water to filter out any pollutants and recycle it for use on the next piece of equipment.

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Get a Custom Rental Yard Equipment Wash System

At ESD, we can design, build and install a custom wash rack system for your rental yard that will meet your specific needs. We offer both portable wash racks and in-ground permanent solutions that can be installed outside or indoors for year-around use.

Our equipment wash systems are available in various sizes and weight capacities to accommodate the types of equipment you need to wash. Our team can design systems to accommodate everything from small lawnmowers to larger heavy equipment, cars and trucks.

A portable equipment wash system is a great option for those who need added mobility for their systems. These systems may also reduce expenses related to the wash rack setup because they require no costly, time-consuming construction permits or other requirements.

Rental Yard Best Management Practices

Best management practices (BMPs) are techniques and procedures that rental yards employ to help keep their water safe and healthy. Implementing these practices can reduce or eliminate the discharge, leak or runoff of pollutants and potentially hazardous materials that heavy equipment maintenance and cleaning processes produce.

Water used to clean heavy equipment and facilities is often full of solvents and cleaning agents in addition to everyday mud, solids and oils. The closed-loop wash rack system contains that wastewater, treats it to remove the pollutants and cycles it back through for reuse. An ESD Waste2Water Inc. system eliminates environmental concerns, saves water and makes it easy to comply with BMPs and EPA regulations for wastewater management.

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