Chemical Storage Buildings

Chemical Storage Buildings

Golf Course Chemical Storage Units


Chemical Storage Buildings by ESD Waste2Water, Inc. are specifically designed for storing chemicals used in the turf care industry. The buildings are expressly intended for golf course maintenance, park maintenance, and grounds maintenance operations. Constructed of marine-grade aluminum, the buildings will not rust, and do not require routine painting. Each storage unit has the capacity of storing and containing hundreds of gallons of chemical, and is designed to allow for easy clean up, and to reduce the probability of cross-contamination of spilled chemicals. ESD offers the chemical storage units in a variety of sizes, and is able to customize buildings to fit your unique requirements. Portable by design, the buildings can be easily relocated for site flexibility. Coupled with other ESD products and designs, you can use ESD chemical buildings to develop an ideal chemical mix/load/storage area for your turf care maintenance facility.

Exterior Dimension8′ D x 8′ W x 8′ H8′ D x 12′ W x 8′ H8′ W x 16′ D x 8′ H8′ D x 20′ W x 8′ H
Elictrical Requirements115 V, 20 amps115 V, 20 amps115 V, 20 amps115 V, 20 amps
With Heat or Air Conditioning240 V, 1 ph, 30amps240 V, 1 ph, 30amps240 V, 1 ph, 30amps240 V, 1 ph, 30amps
Sq. Ft. of Shelving107128149218
Maximum Chem. Spill Containment279 gal.419 gal.558 gal.698 gal.
Number of Doors on Bldg.Single DoorDouble DoorsDouble DoorsDouble Doors
OA Door Opening36 3/4″ W x 77″ H75 3/8″ W x 77″ H75 3/8″ W x 77″ H75 3/8″ W x 77″ H
Approximate Shipping Weight1700 lbs.2300 lbs.2700 lbs.2900 lbs.
with optional insulation1900 lbs.2600 lbs.3100 lbs.3400 lbs.

Why Use Chemical Storage Units?

Using chemical storage buildings ensures the safety of your employees, clients and golf course or turf care operation. Purchasing a pre-fabricated chemical storage unit is an easy and efficient way to ensure that all chemicals used in turf care and maintenance are safely stored and easy to find.

The portability of these units means that they can be isolated from other buildings or property, in the case of a spill, or relocated around your site as needed. These buildings can be placed near your mixing/loading area to eliminate the need to transport chemicals long distances.

Shelves within the units allow for liquid and dry chemicals to be stored separately in one convenient location. Be sure to place liquid chemicals below dry materials. Storing chemicals under one roof means they’re secure and easy to keep track of.

ESD Waste2Water chemical storage buildings are appropriate for storing all kinds of chemicals used in typical golf course care and maintenance, including:

Available options include:

Consider pairing your chemical storage unit with one of ESD’s other innovative products for golf course safety and management. We offer chemical containment and recovery pads that serve as chemical mix and load areas, closed-loop wash racks to contain and recycle contaminated wash water and in-ground sumps that can be purchased pre-fabricated or customized to meet your containment and wastewater treatment needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our products and discuss ways that we can help solve your equipment needs.

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