Sludge Drying Units

Sludge Drying Units

If you’re dealing with an excess of mud at your job site, you need an effective solution for removing it or transporting it to where it might be needed. The easiest way to control and transport your mud is with a high-quality mud drying unit.

Our sludge drying system can produce an extremely dry product that you can easily dispose of safely at a reasonable cost, use as compost or reprocess for beneficial uses. You can also use our sludge drying unit to remove hazardous VOCs in a safer manner. Other methods of transporting mud are time-consuming, costly and largely less effective than mud drying.

Our sludge drying system can easily pay for itself over time relative to the cost of using other methods of mud transportation or removal. Sludge drying is an environmentally responsible and efficient way of dealing with your excess mud and sludge issues on the job.

About Our Sludge Drying System

The Rotary Drum Vacuum System by ESD Waste2Water Inc. is designed to reduce moisture content in sludge by 85% or more. The RDV produces a cake material that can be easily transported for disposal.  We make two sizes of this machine including 1 or 3 disc.  Contact ESD Waste2Water for more information!
Advantages of RDV

  • Continuous and Automatic Operation
  • Low Cost of Operation
  • Byproduct Water Reintroduced to Closed Loop System

Our Triple Disc Mud and Sludge Drying Machine

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