The ESD Pressure Pump is regulated by a 30 – 50 PSI Pressure Switch to Turn On & Off the pump.  At times the pressure switch needs to be adjusted.

Steps to Pressure Switch Adjustments on a Pump

  • Step 1: Using a 5/16” Wrench, remove the pressure switch cove
    • SAFETY ALERT – do not touch any of the exposed wires
  •  Step 2: Use a 3/8” to Tighten or loosen the larger spring (Rear Nut) to adjust the On & Off Pressures for the pump
  • Step 3: Use a 3/8” to Tighten or loosen the smaller spring (Front Nut) to adjust the Off Pressure only for the pump
  • Step 4: Check the adjusts made to the pressure switch – the Pressure Pump should Turn On at 30 PSI and Turn Off at 50 PSI
  • Step 5: After adjustments have been made at the Pressure Pump is set, re-install the pressure switch cover


If additional assistance is needed with your pressure switch adjustment contact ESD Waste2Water, Inc Service at 800-277-3279