UL Control Panels and Telemetry

UL Control Panels and Telemetry

Control Panels and Telemetry Systems

ESD’s line of affordable control panels and telemetry control systems have been designed for any treatment application including groundwater remediation, water remediation, and soil remediation. Standard Telemetry Control Systems are designed to monitor alarms, levels, and motor status. They are also used to remotely control pumps and motors in agricultural or industrial applications.

ESD Waste2Water’s Control Panels can be designed and fabricated to meet a wide variety of applications from the simplest pump controller to a full system interface for remediation or industrial systems. All panels are constructed in our UL approved panel shop and carry the UL label.
Standard Features:

  • Lockable NEMA IV 16 gauge steel enclosures
  • Inner swing out door
  • IEC contactors and motor protectors
  • Short circuit protection for all devices
  • Hand /Off/Auto switches for all motors
  • Green Run Lights and Red Alarm lights
  • Single point power input
  • Relay based controls or your choice of Programmable Logic Controller
  • Full documentation with Auto-Cad drawings, load summary, loop description,
    components list and specification sheets
  • Parts warranty and guaranteed workmanship


  • Auto-dialer for alarms and shutdowns
  • Telemetry units
  • SCADA data logging units

  • Uninterruptible power supplies
  • Amp meters
  • Run time meters

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