Steps to Replace a Regenerative Blower

  • Turn Blower Switch & Main electrical breaker is off
    • Safety Alert: Turn Blower Switch & Main Electrical Breaker to the “Off” Position
  • Remove Regenerative Blower Motor Cover
  • Confirm Power is off with Multimeter
  • Remove (4) Bolts & nuts from mounting plate
  • Loosen and Remove 1 ½” PVC Connection
  • Disconnect wires coming through conduit
  • Remove conduit 90 and push wires through
  • Properly reconnect wires with wire nuts to new Regenerative Blower – properly connect with wire nuts
  • Re-install Regenerative Blower motor cover
  • Re-Install (4) nuts & bolts on mounting plate
  • Reconnect / tighten 1 ½” union
  • Turn Main Electrical Breaker & Blower Switch to the “On” Position

If additional assistance is needed for regenerative blower repair or replacement, contact ESD Waste2Water, Inc Service at 1-800-277-3279