Air & Water Separator Systems

Air & Water Separator Systems

Air / Water Separators

ESD Waste2Water,Inc. ESD custom fabricates Air / Water Separators for Soil Vapor Extraction and Dual Phase Extraction applications. Made of structurally sound, light-weight marine grade 5052 aluminum, our separators can withstand full vacuum applications and are completely corrosion resistant. Unlike carbon steel based separators, ESD Separators resist both internal chemical corrosion and the harshest external environmental conditions. The aesthetic qualities of ESD Separators are never compromised by oxidation. ESD Separators never experience corrosive pitting leaks, because our designs render expensive internal/external epoxy mastic coatings entirely unnecessary.
ESD Separators are available in many standard sizes and can be custom designed with a wide variety of options, including pump out systems, level gauging, additional particulate filtration, and baffling for high entrained

Gallons of Recycled Water
Gallons of Treated Water

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