Military Wash Rack

Corrosion-causing contaminants ranging from salt deposits to sand can quickly build up on military equipment such as aircraft and armored vehicles. Without the timely removal of these substances, the contaminants can lead to anything from lower window and canopy visibility to decreased engine and aerodynamic efficiency.

Regularly rinsing military aircraft and vehicles can effectively and safely remove these substances and prevent corrosion.

At ESD Waste2Water Inc., we combine cutting-edge technology, low-maintenance designs and EPA-compliant solutions to ensure military bases have access to a range of corrosion control measures.

As a worldwide leader in wash water recycling options, we’ll ensure you find the right portable military wash system to meet your needs.

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About Our Military Wash Racks

Our portable wash rack systems make it easier than ever to keep military aircraft and trucks clean and corrosion-free. We designed these moveable systems to break down and set up whenever and wherever you need them. Whether you want to rinse vehicles at your military airbase or a remote location, these army wash racks can be used virtually anywhere — usually without even needing a permit.

From rinsing equipment to pressure washing entire vehicles, your military base will be able to efficiently and affordably get the job done. Along with keeping equipment and aircraft operating as they should, our wash racks ensure the surrounding area stays safe from the contaminants as well.

Use in Military and Government Applications

At ESD Waste2Water Inc., our wash racks can be used in a variety of military and government applications. Depending on each base’s size and load capacity needs, we can customize our containment island modules to fit various kinds of specifications.

Along with being customizable and portable, these wash racks can help the military and government conserve water. By relying on a closed-loop system that captures and recycles the water, our systems use less water when rinsing and keep the contaminants from going into the groundwater system and surrounding property.

Available Equipment Washing Systems

ESD Waste2Water offers equipment washing systems in 8’x12′, 8’x16′ and 8’x20′ modules. Each of these self-contained systems has a load capacity of 25,000 pounds or more per pad and can be configured to meet your specific size and load capacity requirements.

Along with being easy to set up both in-ground and above ground, these flexible wash stations can be used in conjunction with pressure washers and high-volume water cannons. They can also be further customized with options like 4′ high walls or 5’x3.5′ ramps.

Start Designing and Configuring a Military Wash Rack Today

Military bases looking for a custom, convenient and environmentally friendly portable wash rack will find what they are looking for here at ESD Waste2Water, Inc. Along with our standard sizes, we also encourage custom size inquiries. No matter what your military base needs, our team of experts designs, makes, manufactures, installs and maintains our equipment, making the entire process as simple as possible.

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