Paint Pretreatment-Phosphate Recycling

Paint Pretreatment-Phosphate Recycling

Pressure Island VIPIR – Phosphate Recycling System

The modular Pressure Island VIPIR® system is designed to:

1. Clean and pretreat metal parts with heated phosphatizing solution in preparation for powder coating and painting operations.

2. Recycle the phosphatizing solution for up to 90% recovery.

3. Provide a fresh water rinse cycle for final preparation of metal parts.

All of this in one, compact unit. The VIPIR® paint pretreatment and powder coating prep system can be incorporated with your current wash operation, designed as part of a new wash operation, or be combined with a VIPIR® pad for a stand-alone wash system.

Operational Specifications

  • Wash Cycle Flow: 2 gpm @ 1,000 psi
  • Rinse Cycle Flow: 2 gpm @ 1,000 psi
  • Wash Temp: 160 °F
  • Material of Construction: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Overall Dimensions: 2’0″W x 4’0″L x 4’0″H
  • Tank Capacity: 80 gallons
  • Heating Element: 12 KW

Utility Requirements:

  • Electrical: 480 V, 3 ph, 50 amps or 240 V, 1ph, 125 amps
  • Fresh Water: ¾” supply

Available Options:

Oil Skimmer

  • VIPIR® Sump System: Includes stainless steel (for cement wash sump + (2) pumps areas)
  • VIPIR® Self-Contained Wash Pads: 6’W x 18’L with 8′ walls 6’W x 12’L with 8′ walls

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