ESD Waste2Water, Inc. would like to thank Green Sports Alliance for the amazing symposium held at GEHA Arrowhead Stadium this week. The panels and speakers discussed and educated us on many different topics from Sustainability – low-hanging fruit, Quarters in the Sofa to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Business and Sports. The host Brandon Hamilton,… Read more »

ESD Waste2Water, Inc announces Dick Bessire’s retirement as the Florida Turf Manager. Dick played a vital role in creating and maintaining the Florida Turf Market. His can-do attitude and perpetual work ethic will be greatly missed by everyone on the ESD team. We would all like to wish him the very best in the years… Read more »

ESD Waste2Water, Inc would like that to thank all of the employees that helped with Toys for Tots 2020 donations. We are excited to be able to provide a smile (and some fun) to some well-deserving Families this year. Merry Christmas!

Congratulations to Jeff Andrews for 20 Years with ESD Waste2Water, Inc!  Jeff started in 2000 to assist in developing the ESD Waste2Water’s Engineering and Fabrication Departments.  He has since grown the departments to include: CNC routers, a Water Jet, and even a Robot Welder using SolidWorks.  Throughout the years of growth, Jeff has managed the… Read more »

Congratulations to Barb Schroeder for 20 years with ESD Waste2Water, Inc! Barb has been an integral part of ESD Waste2Water Inc.’s development.  She manages accounting and the day to day office operations.  Barb wears a variety of “hats”  and is always willing to take a second to lend a hand or answer a question.  On… Read more »

Interested in learning more about our HSMS System and how it works with our wash racks? See just how it works below!

Kevin Hawkins

Congratulations to Kevin Hawkins for 20 years as a valued member of ESD Waste2Water, Inc.  His hard work and dedication helped grow a small company into a Worldwide leader in manufacturing / installing Wash Water and Environmental Remediation Equipment.  Welcome to the 20 Year Club Kevin!

The ESD Pressure Pump is regulated by a 30 – 50 PSI Pressure Switch to Turn On & Off the pump.  At times the pressure switch needs to be adjusted. Steps to Adjust the Pressure Switch on a Pump Using a 5/16” Wrench, remove the pressure switch cover SAFETY ALERT – do not touch any… Read more »

Steps to Replace a Regenerative Blower Turn Blower Switch & Main electrical breaker is off Safety Alert: Turn Blower Switch & Main Electrical Breaker to the “Off” Position Remove Regenerative Blower Motor Cover Confirm Power is off with Multimeter Remove (4) Bolts & nuts from mounting plate Loosen and Remove 1 ½” PVC Connection Disconnect… Read more »

 Order Vane Replacement Kit from ESD Waste2Water, Inc – Part #’s: 3042 (Replacement Vanes), 3043 (Inlet Air Filter) & 3044 (Discharge Air Filter) Steps to Replace a Compressor Vane: SAFETY FIRST: If Compressor is installed in ESD Waste2Water, Inc System – confirm Blower Switch is in the “Off” position and confirm electrical breaker in… Read more »

Steps for Microbe Inoculation: Why inoculate a Biological System Weekly: The process of introducing a fresh batch of microbes on a weekly basis is to keep the microbial colony active inside of the Biological System.  This also allows an Operator to check the system to confirm: A) The aeration is working B) The System has… Read more »

Rotate valve between the Pressure Pump and Cartridge Filter Housing to the “Off” Position Open the Drain Valve at the bottom of the Cartridge Filter Housing to drain the filter housing so the Pressure is Zero Note: DO NOT PROCEED TO THE NEXT STEP UNTIL NO WATER IS FLOWING OUT OF THE CARTRIDGE FILTER HOUSING… Read more »

Jump to: General Maintenance | Maintaining the Green | Chemical Usage | Golf Course Pond Maintenance | Trees and Landscaping | Equipment Maintenance Managing golf courses are a challenge for even the most experienced operators. Golf courses are a unique business where an artificial outdoor playing environment has to blend with nature and appear as… Read more »

Pollution is a large problem in our world. But in a sense, it’s a beautiful one — it is one of the few broad-scope problems that we can all agree on. While subjects like climate change and nature preservation have taken a regrettable turn into the realm of bipartisan politics, pollution is a phenomenon that… Read more »

  ESD Waste2Water will be exhibiting at the URG training conference from April 5-7, 2018. Stop by booth #25 to visit us! The URG training conference is at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Resort in Orlando, Florida.   To learn more about the conference, watch the video below!

Golf courses require a great many chemicals for proper turf care and course maintenance, and some of these chemicals could present a danger to the environment. Regulatory agencies are taking a much closer look at golf course pesticide storage and other golf course chemical unit storage, and it’s important that your golf course be in… Read more »

  ESD Waste2Water, Inc. is excited to be shipping another Environmental Center for the Golf Industry that includes: Heated / Prewired Foam Core Building with GSMS-700-0 Closed Loop Wash Water System pre-plumbed Inside Clipping Separator with Clipping Trailer Chemical Storage Building with Rinsate Management System Emergency Eyewash and Shower These items assist in making the… Read more »

Golf Equipment Washing

ESD Waste2Water, Inc would like to thank those in attendance of the 2018 Golf Industry Show held in San Antonio, Texas!   We enjoyed exhibiting our products and meeting golf course Superintendents, General Managers, and Owners from around the World.   If you have any further questions regarding the show or our golf course washing… Read more »

    ESD Waste2Water will be attending the 2019 Golf Industry Show on February 6-7 in San Diego, CA. Join us at Booth #: 5345 to discuss at Wash Water and Chemical Storage needs.  See the ESD Waste2Water, Inc. equipment at “Inside the Shop” Booth #: 5929. Stop by to ask our team about Best Management Practices for:… Read more »

ESD Waste2Water will be attending the 2017 Carolinas GCSA Conference & Show on November 13-15 at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center, Myrtle Beach, SC.  Come visit John and Alan at Booth 1917.  Ask them about our: Wash Water Recycle Systems for Golf Courses – Our wash water recovery solutions are used by golf courses around the world.  Golf courses… Read more »