Portable Wash Racks

Portable Wash Racks

ESD Waste2Water, Inc. manufactures a full line of portable wash bays for wash operations requiring mobility, discreet installation and minimal or no permitting. These flexible wash stations can fit golf carts, aircraft, oil rig equipment, construction equipment and more. Portable wash racks combine with wash water recycling systems, water cannons and pressure washers to create a closed-loop wash operation.

The washing equipment can be in a customized heated and air-conditioned portable ISO container for easy mobility. ESD’s Containment Island Modules can be assembled to create many wash pad configurations quickly and economically. Using the 8’x12′ or 8’x16′ modules, you can create a wash pad that meets your size and load capacity requirements.

Optional accessories like walls and ramps allow easy customization for your specific operations. They’re straightforward to set up in-ground or above-ground. Plus, they’re great at containing wastewater to protect your property and the environment. Please get in touch with us for a complimentary review of your washing requirements.

Common Industry Applications:

Benefits of Portable Wash Racks and Pads

Portable wash pads are beneficial to your company in multiple ways:

  • Customization: You can assemble our containment island modules to meet your specific applications’ size and load capacity, with optional accessories such as ramps and walls. These above-ground units are easily customizable to fit your equipment washing needs.
  • No permit required: Whether you’re using your wash bay as a portable equipment wash rack, a car wash rack or a parts wash rack — or for some other purpose — we’ve designed our wash rack systems to be used anywhere without a permit.
  • Mobility: Our wash racks are specifically designed to be portable, so you can take them from location to location to wash whatever you need whenever you need to.
  • Water conservation: The biological wash water recycling system keeps your water in a loop, conserving water.
  • EPA compliance: Our design controls wastewater and keeps it out of the groundwater system, ensuring it meets the EPA’s requirements.
  • Wash water containment: The system prevents you from contaminating the surrounding groundwater so that you won’t endanger your property or the surrounding properties.


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Specs About Our Wash Racks

Our portable wash racks are the most convenient, economical and environmentally-friendly portable wash stations you’re likely to find. These flexible wash stations are suitable for everything from golf carts to aircraft to oil rig equipment, construction equipment and much more.

With 8’x12’ and 8’x16’ sizes, a load capacity of 25,000 lbs. or more, per pad, tough copolymer construction and custom options such as 4’ high walls and 5’ x3.5’ ramps, you can quite easily customize your portable wash rack to meet the needs of your environment.

They’re incredibly easy to set up either in-ground or above ground. Our wash systems are also suitable for a variety of high volume water cannons and pressure washers. Plus, they’re great at containing wastewater to protect your property and the greater environment around you.

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect portable wash rack, you’ve found it at ESD Waste2Water. Give us a call at 855-383-7135 any time for help with design and configuration from our team of experts, or to place an order. We look forward to hearing from you!


The Advantages of Water Recycling

The closed-loop system can capture and recycle the water you use to clean your vehicle, making the wash pad extremely useful for several reasons:

  • Convenience: Setting up is a snap, and no permits or special equipment are needed. You can start washing right away, wherever you are.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Because the system can treat and reroute the water back to you, you use less water, saving you on costs. You also need fewer wash pads because you can transport them from location to location. Plus, you don’t have to take multiple vehicles out of commission by sending them to a central location to wait for a wash — you can wash them anytime, anyplace with your portable wash pad.
  • Environmental soundness: Washing vehicles creates wastewater that can contaminate groundwater and local rivers. Our portable wash pads capture contaminated water so you can treat and recycle the wash water, protecting your property and the environment.

The above-ground wash pad is easily installed at any project site. All that is required is a level, stabilized surface. If an impervious surface already exists, then the Containment Island can be placed on top of that surface and installed in minutes.

The Portable Containment Island is ideal for:

  • Auto Recyclers
  • Golf Course and Turf Care
  • Government and Military
  • Heavy Equipment and Construction
  • Rental Yards

portable wash bay

Common Questions

What Sizes Do the Portable Wash Racks Come In?

The ESD Waste2Water, Inc. Above Ground CI Pads come in standard sizes of 8’x13′-2″, 8’x17′-2″ and 8’x21′-2″ to accommodate most heavy equipment and vehicle washing needs. For custom size inquiries, contact us today.

What Is the Weight Capacity?

Our wash racks have a load capacity that meets industrial application requirements.

What Are the Benefits of the ESD Racks?

They’re portable, allow your business to follow EPA regulations and can significantly reduce costs associated with daily equipment washing.

Do You Offer Rentals?

ESD Waste2Water, Inc. offers rental options for the portable wash rack. Contact us today to inquire about a rental, design options and lead times.

What Does a Wash Rack Cost?

The price of a wash rack varies based on the options purchased with it. For example, if you are looking for an above-ground wash pad with splash walls and drive-on ramps, the system will be much cheaper than if you also need the water recycling unit. For more accurate pricing, contact our sales team today. We’re happy to provide you with a free conceptual layout and equipment proposal.


Request a Quote for Solutions Tailored to Your Specific Industry Needs

ESD Waste2Water can design and build a system to meet your specific washing and mobility needs, whether you need a small parts washing system or a large portable wash rack. Our heavy-duty wash racks can be used with cars, trucks, military vehicles and even heavy equipment. Call us at 855-383-7135 any time for help with design and configuration from our team of experts or to place an order.


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