Portable Wash Rack Benefits

For wash operations that require mobility, unobtrusive installation, minimal, or no permitting, or all of these, ESD manufactures a full line of portable wash racks.

  • They’re Customizable: You can assemble our containment island modules to your own specific needs to meet the size and load capacity of your specific applications, with optional accessories such as ramps and walls to further customize the rack to meet your needs.
  • They Typically Require No Permit: Whether you’re using your portable wash rack as an equipment wash rack, a car wash rack, a parts wash rack or for some other purpose, we’ve designed our wash rack systems so you can use them just about anywhere without a permit.
  • They’re Mobile: Our wash racks are specifically designed to be portable, so you can take them from location to location to wash whatever you need whenever you need to.
  • They Conserve Water: The biological wash water recycle system keeps your water in a loop, therefore conserving water.
  • They Comply With EPA Regulations: Our design controls wastewater and keeps it out of the groundwater system, making it sure to satisfy the EPA.
  • They Protect Your Property From Contaminated Wash Water: That same system protects you from contaminating your own groundwater.

Whether you need a small parts washing system or a large portable wash rack, ESD can design and build a system to meet your specific washing and mobility needs. Portable wash racks can be combined with wash water recycle systems, water cannons, and pressure washers to create a mobile closed-loop wash operation. The wash equipment can be contained in a customized heated/air-conditioned portable ISO container for complete and easy mobility. Our solutions are customized to your specific requirements.  Our heavy duty wash racks can be used with cars, trucks, military vehicles and even heavy equipment.

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