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Polypropylene Tanks For Fire Trucks

Fire trucks cannot do their jobs without water. Of course, fire trucks carry hoses to pump water from municipal fire hydrants. But carrying a supply of water on the truck is critical in case fire hydrants are inaccessible or nonexistent, as with wildland fires, or the hoses cannot connect.

Fire trucks also need to carry foam tanks for situations in which water alone is insufficient to put out the fire — situations such as vehicle fires and other fires caused by flammable liquids. Polypropylene tanks provide a sturdy, effective way to carry significant stores of both water and foam without weighing down or overbalancing the truck.

Polypropylene tanks can carry a few gallons to a few thousand gallons. Their versatility and customizability make them invaluable pieces of equipment on many fire trucks, especially tanker trucks and pumper trucks.

Types of Polypropylene Tanks and Their Uses

Polypropylene tanks for fire trucks come in several types:

Many polypropylene tanks are custom-built because more and more fire trucks incorporate custom fire apparatus as well. So many water tanks bristle with corners and notches so they can accommodate the extra gear the firefighters must carry in their trucks. Some even feature ladder tunnels where fire ladders can be stored.

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Why We Use Polypropylene For Our Fire Truck Tanks

Fire truck tanks can contain one of several different materials — polypropylene, fiberglass, steel and stainless steel. But polypropylene, a strong, lightweight plastic, offers several distinct advantages.

How The Tanks Are Manufactured

Polypropylene tanks are made from polypropylene sheet material. The manufacture of polypropylene tanks must strike a balance between prioritizing space in the truck — which would require making the tanks smaller — and prioritizing the tank’s volume capacity, which would require making the tanks bigger. For wildland fire trucks, manufacturers must also use stiffer plastic or incorporate spring mounts to make the tanks more rugged and able to stand up to a wildfire-fighting environment.

Polypropylene tank manufacturing uses the following tools:

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When you need rugged and dependable custom fire truck tanks, make ESD Poly your first stop. We manufacture high-quality, long-lasting polypropylene tanks for fire trucks. We build our complete line of poly tanks in-house, and we have full-service capabilities to meet the needs of the fire industry. We also know every firefighting operation is different, and we offer a variety of options for custom fire apparatus to meet different needs.

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