Single Disc Drying Unit for Sports Turf Painting Applications

Single Disc Drying Unit for Sports Turf Painting Applications

Grounds crews that prepare a field for football and soccer games know where the end zone lines and yard markers aren’t painted there by accident — their application is specific and must be highly accurate for fair play. Usually, these Professionals use a paint striping machine for the line-painting purpose. Work that involves caring for a football stadium, whether it’s a high school stadium, college field or professional league, requires the use of a turf painting machine to repaint those lines every week.

After the lines are painted, the equipment needs washed — every time. Unfortunately, the washing process means a potential for toxic paint residue containing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can contaminate the environment or escape into the atmosphere.


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At ESD Waste2Water, we have the answer to this very serious problem. We know these Professionals don’t want contaminated wastewater to leach into their playing field or the surrounding environment, and there may even be local regulations that could lead to serious fines if they let the water flow into a storm drain or septic tank.

Instead of putting their organization and the environment at risk, these professionals can wash their turf painting equipment by installing a concrete wash rack with a sump pit, or portable containment island designed and manufactured by ESD.  Our wash racks and RDV system can capture, clean it and enable it to be reused.

When it comes to the issue of unwanted paint sludge, the rotating disc drying unit is the perfect machine to help.  It allows users to easily dispose of waste made up of water and paint sludge. Our RDV Sludge Drying System reduces moisture content in sludge by at least 85 percent, separating the water from the solid material, which it dries into a cake for quick, easy and safe disposal. The paint-colored water turns clear when the paint particles end up in the solid cake.

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All of our wastewater and sludge removal systems are made with the most efficient and cost-effective way of protecting the environment from the toxic effects of liquid waste in mind. Let us help you find which of our systems are right for you as you care for your sports turf. Give us a call at 1-800-277-3279 or contact us online anytime to find out more.

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