Soil Vapor Extraction Systems

Soil Vapor Extraction Systems

Soil Vapor Extraction Systems

ESD Waste2Water, Inc.’s Soil Vapor Extraction Systems include blower or vacuum pump, TEFC or XP motor, moisture separator with a high-level switch, inlet filter and a prewired, pretested, custom NEMA IV control panel. Vacuum gauges, flow indicators, temperature indicators and filtration can be specified per your application. All components are fully integrated and prewired on a marine grade aluminum skid with optional custom sound attenuating enclosure. Soil Vapor Extraction Systems are easily integrated with new or existing Groundwater Systems.
Available Blowers Vacuum Pumps:

  • Rotary Claw Vacuum Pump
  • Regenerative Blower
  • Multistage Regenerative Blower
  • Positive Displacement Blower
  • Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

Available Options:

  • Skid mounted, open trailer, enclosed trailer, custom enclosure or custom building
  • Centrifugal or Progressive Cavity automatic pump out with level controls in clear sight tube
  • Filter vessels
  • Liquid Phase and Vapor Phase Carbon Vessels
  • Manifolds with flow indicators and gauges
  • Oxidizers

Subsurface Depressurization Systems


The ESD Manufactured Subsurface Depressurization Systems are used to place a small vacuum beneath the foundation of a building, extract volatile organic vapors and minimize the potential for harmful vapors entering the building. The ESD Waste2Water, Inc Soil Vapor Mitigation Systems are designed to require minimal maintenance with a quiet operation. The Marine Grade Aluminum exterior of the Vapor Mitigation Systems help to protect the components and makes a corrosion free enclosure. Small systems are also available for solar power.

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Gallons of Treated Water

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