About Our Wash Pads

You typically won’t need any kind of special permit when using this portable wash pad, whether you use it as a car wash pad, vehicle wash pad, heavy equipment wash pad or for some other purpose. This is a self-contained unit that’s easy to set up above ground without affecting the surrounding architecture or environment, so there’s no real reason to expect a permit would be necessary.

This, combined with the fact that they’re so portable, means you can easily wash your vehicles almost anywhere.

It’s also important not to discount the value of the closed-loop system and its ability to capture and recycle the water you use to clean your vehicle. This makes the wash pad extremely useful for several reasons:

  • It saves you money since you need to use less water to wash your vehicles.
  • It satisfies the EPA, since you’re keeping your contaminated water from seeping into the environment.
  • It prevents you from contaminating the groundwater of the surrounding area, so you won’t endanger your own property or the property surrounding wherever you’re washing your vehicle.