Chemical Storage Buildings

Golf courses require a great many chemicals for proper turf care and course maintenance, and some of these chemicals could present a danger to the environment. Regulatory agencies are taking a much closer look at golf course pesticide storage and other golf course chemical unit storage, and it’s important that your golf course be in compliance, both for the safety of your customers and the environment and to make sure your golf course can stay open and keep running normally.

To help you in this endeavor, ESD Waste2Water has assembled a list of items to check off to make sure your golf course chemical storage is up to proper standards.

1. Are your ventilation, heating and lighting systems inspected regularly?

Good ventilation is critical anywhere you are storing dangerous chemicals, as poor ventilation can not only make the storage environment toxic to anyone who enters, but a build-up of chemical gasses could also tremendously damage the environment once released.

2. Do you regularly inspect chemical containers for damage?

A leak or other problem with the integrity of your chemical containers can quickly lead to a big problem. You should have regularly scheduled inspections in place for your storage containers.

3. Do you have a current inventory of any chemical products and amounts that you have in storage?

Make sure you have a dedicated employee whose job it is to keep an up-to-date inventory of all pesticides and other potentially dangerous chemicals that you have in storage at your golf course. It’s also important to make sure all chemical containers are properly labeled and similar pesticides are grouped together to reduce the possibility of errors.

Golf Course Pesticide Storage Tips

Some good safety rules to follow when storing pesticides include:

  • Keep products off the floor, with dry chemicals above liquid ones
  • Discard all empty containers safely and promptly
  • Make sure your spill containment kit is up to date

In addition, check with your local regulatory agency for any chemical storage requirements specific to your area, and always follow manufacturer instructions when it comes to handling any pesticides or other potentially dangerous chemicals.

ESD Waste2Water for Golf Course and Turf Care

If you need help with safer golf course care when it comes to washing and fueling equipment that may require the use of potentially hazardous chemicals, contact ESD Waste2Water. We have a variety of safer golf course care solutions, including closed-loop wash racks and chemical storage areas. To find out more about how ESD Waste2Water can provide you with a safer way to manage your golf course equipment chemicals, contact us today.