UL Control Panels and Telemetry

UL Control Panels and Telemetry

Control Panels and Telemetry

ESD Waste2Water,Inc. ‘s Control Panels can be designed and fabricated to meet a wide variety of applications from the simplest pump controller to a full system interface for remediation or industrial systems. All panels are constructed in our UL approved panel shop and carry the UL label.
Standard Features:

  • Lockable NEMA IV 16 gauge steel enclosures
  • Inner swing out door
  • IEC contactors and motor protectors
  • Short circuit protection for all devices
  • Hand /Off/Auto switches for all motors
  • Green Run Lights and Red Alarm lights
  • Single point power input
  • Relay based controls or your choice of Programmable Logic Controller
  • Full documentation with Auto-Cad drawings, load summary, loop description,
    components list and specification sheets
  • Parts warranty and guaranteed workmanship


  • Auto-dialer for alarms and shutdowns
  • Telemetry units
  • SCADA data logging units

  • Uninterruptible power supplies
  • Amp meters
  • Run time meters

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