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Portable Dealership Car Wash

ESD’s dealership portable car wash or wash rack system allows you to economically and quickly deploy a complete car wash station and wastewater recycle system. Our portable car wash can accommodate any size of vehicle or equipment.

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Equipment Washing

ESD can provide a variety of equipment washing set-ups to best fit your needs. ESD’s equipment washing units are available in many sizes and offer a variety of features and cleaning solutions. 

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Parts Washing Station

Does your current parts washing system have the right balance of cost savings, operational effectiveness, and minimal impact to the environment? ESD’s innovative parts washing designs and features facilitate rapid cleaning of simple as well as complex parts allowing us to achieve cost saving and environmentally friendly results. 

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Biological Wash Water Recycle Systems

ESD offers the latest in biological wastewater treatment systems for some of the toughest wastewater applications on the market today.  The biological treatment system turns organic contaminants (oil, grease, herbicides and pesticides) into carbon dioxide and water. 

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Golf Course & Turf Care Environmental Centers

Whether your goal is to reduce water usage, proper equipment maintenance, or achieving environmental standards, ESD Waste2Water offers a complete golf course environmental center that meets all your needs.

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Sanitation Trucks Washed with 100% Recycled Water

ESD Waste2Water designs and manufactures an automated truck wash for Solid Waste Hauling companies. The sanitation hauling trucks are washed daily with 100% recycled water.  

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Portable Wash Pad vs Concrete Wash Area

The benefits of a portable wash pad over a permanent cement wash area.

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D.O.T Wash Rack Systems

Wash Racks for the Department of Transportation's vehicle washing.

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About Chemical Mix Containment & Recovery Pads

Are you worried about washing dangerous chemicals into the surrounding water supplies? ESD’s Chemical Containment and Recovery Wash Pad can be designed in any size for oil, fuel, and chemical spill containment. 

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